About Us

We are a Scottish couple who are currently travelling the world and blogging and vlogging along the way.

Rachel quit her job to pursue her dream of travelling and Paul is making the world his office using his laptop and chasing free WiFi.

We simply want to show you how we do it - how we get by, how we travel to wherever we choose and how we do it for the long-haul.

Wherever we choose to go, we want to give you tips of where to go, what to expect and what you can do when you get there.

Throughout our journey, we will share the mistakes we make along the way (and how we deal with them) to show you that anyone can change their lifestyle and travel the world long-term.

Our Current Trip

Some stats since we embarked on our current trip in November 2018...


Where in the world have we been?

We are painting the globe tartan, colouring in each county as we visit them together...

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