Are you planning or wondering how you would even survive a road trip?

Perhaps you are thinking of touring somewhere new in a car or maybe you are considering renting a camper van?

We actually never thought we would go on a road trip on our travels because we were very new drivers when we set off.

So we took the plunge and rented cars to tour New Zealand’s two main islands. We loved it so much we also toured Australia in a camper van afterwards.

After documenting all the things that made road trip experience great (as well as things that could have made it better) we have put all our best tips together to help you survive your road trip and make some unforgettable memories. This guide includes…

  • Sorting vehicles and insurance
  • Navigating
  • Must have accessories (tech)
  • Keeping alert and entertained
  • Recording your memories

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Enjoy! We hope this helps you survive (and love) your next road trip!
Paul Greene
Paul is a web designer and globe trotter who is on a travelling adventure around the world with his other half.

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