Everything you need to consider before setting off on your travel adventure

Are you thinking about setting off on a travel adventure?

Great! You absolutely should do it. We have now been on the road for over 8 months and we have never looked back!

Have you thought about what you might need before setting off?

  • What sort of bag will you take and what you will you pack?
  • What equipment will you need for your blog, instagram pics or your video blog?
  • How will you organise your money for each new country, or set up your mobile phone so you can keep in touch with family and friends?
  • What about VISA’s, accommodation and travel arrangements?
  • Have you got the right vaccinations for your trip? When should you get them?

These, and many more, are questions we have had to ask ourselves ahead of going on our big travel adventure.

With some of these we were super organised and others we have just learned through experience.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered and we have put all our answers to these questions, and much more, into one big Ultimate Travel Planning Guide to help you plan your trip.

This travel planning guide is totally free for you.

Simply enter your e-mail address below and we will send you an e-mail with a link to download the guide right away…


Enjoy! We hope this helps you plan your next big travel adventure.


Paul Greene
Paul is a web designer and globe trotter who is on a travelling adventure around the world with his other half.

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